Universal Battles RPG

Universal Battles RPG

About Universal Battles RPG

Multi-purpose RPG Game System designed for any scenario in mind

Universal Battles game takes place in an imagined setting far in the future where Earth is one of the significant leaders in a Federation called the U.G.G (Universal Galactic Guardians). The Federation exists for the sole purpose of stopping a man named Keller - the leader of an evil race known as the Arderians. Although Keller himself comes from the Qu'Venar race (Mystic Elves), he has managed to marry the Queen of the Arderians and became the rightful ruler of their Empire.

Magic is spread all throughout the Universe, but one planet in particular - Earth - sits in the center of this magical power. Nothing can stop Keller will from getting closer to the planet and gaining even more power. Therefore, the U.G.G spends all its resources to train and equip the soldiers with the only purpose to keep the evil Keller at bay.

However, don't let this game setting limit your imagination. Universal Battles is a truly multi-purpose RPG Game System designed for any scenario in mind. One book holds all possible rulesets for any game setting, including Fantasy, Wild West, Superheroes, Modern Day, High-Tech, Cyberpunk, and many others. Don't forget that you can always mix and match elements from different settings if you are looking for something new and exciting!